Life at Waikiki Park Heights

The living is easy at Waikiki Park Heights!

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Spacious 3-Bedroom Apartment

The large apartments offers an opportunity for groups to enjoy togetherness as well as to enjoy a modicum of privacy.

Sit on the couch and look to the ocean or at the TV--almost pictured across from the couch in the lower left corner of this picture. Or step onto the lanai and watch the amazing parade of aircraft, ships, boats and people passing by.

Whatever you like to do, you're sure to enjoy doing it in one of our three-bedroom Waikiki Park Heights apartments.


Full Kitchen

Most vacationers enjoy the convenience of eating at least some of their meals "at home." Enjoy breakfast on the lanai or grill a piece of fresh fish in the kitchen. Perhaps you'd like to have a romantic dinner or just reheat leftovers from your favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, you won't be hungry--or inconvenienced--when you stay in our unit.

Perhaps we're gadget freaks! Among other things waiting for you, there’s a toaster, coffee maker, coffee grinder, rice cooker, choice of electric or manual can openers, and several other kitchen aids. Come try them out!


Luxury Bathrooms

Ah, the luxury of climbing into this Japanese tub after taking your shower! The bathrooms here are a little unusual--to Americans, anyway. Originally built as a Japanese hotel, Waikiki Park Heights features a furo (Japanese soaking tub) as well as a stall-type shower.

The toilet is in a separate room. Both rooms have mirrors and washbasins.

Normally, one doesn't rave about the bathroom in a vacation residence, but this one is so unusual and so enjoyable that it merits discussion.


Salt-Water Pool

Grab some towels and liven up this scene! Our Salt-water pool is refreshing and sheltered from the wind. Take along a good book (we have a few you might enjoy in the apartment) and put your favorite cold beverage in one of the plastic cups you'll find in the cabinet then head downstairs to catch some rays. Be careful not to get sunburned, though--the Hawaiian sun is strong.

Another day, when you're feeling a little more ambitious, walk over to world-famous Waikiki Beach and see why it's so popular. Then, when you don't want to be surrounded by people, take another dip in our quiet pool!

Which Bedroom Would You Prefer?


The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is at the mauka (mountain) end of the apartment. When the drapes are drawn, it is quite dark. When the drapes are open, the tinted window can be opened to admit the gentle Hawaiian breeze.
The closet and the bed are both oversize. Move in and make yourself at home!


Large 2nd Bedroom

Across the hall is another large bedroom. With the wicker furniture and a lithograph of Hawaiian opihi pickers (not shown), this room has a definite Hawaiian feel.
No two apartments are alike.
Whichever of our three wonderful 3-bedroom apartments you occupy, you're sure to be comfortable and relaxed. 


Spectacular View

Located off the living room and separated with a sliding wall, this bedroom has its own lanai.
Of course it has a spectacular view of Kuhio Beach, one of the nicest parts of Waikiki beach.


Unique Styles

Each apartment has a king size bed in the master bedroom, a pair of twins in another and a full (double) bed in the third. As you can see, Waikiki Park Heights is designed so that up to six people can enjoy themselves. It is amply spacious that everyone can be together for meals or to enjoy the magnificent views. On the other hand, there are rooms and lanais that individuals can retreat to for a nap or just a moment of quiet solitude.

Life in the Living Room


Living Room

The humpback whale in the picture on the wall popped up through the foamy brine. You're not likely to see this kind of surf in Waikiki, but perhaps you might possibly see a whale. For sure, you'll see lots of surfers. There's also an interesting array of ships passing by. Everyday you'll see sailboats and sunset cruisers, military ships and barges laden with goods. You might see a supertanker or an outrigger canoe--you never can tell!

Not far away, at the Diamond Head Lighthouse, you have an excellent chance of seeing humpbacks if you're here in the winter. Generally, the whales arrive in December and leave in late March or early April. 


Living Room Sofa

The sofa is ideally positioned. Have a seat and enjoy gazing at Waikiki. Or, if you're curious about the rest of the world, turn on the television. For more personal interaction with the outside world, bring the telephone from the stand behind the couch and describe to your friends what you can see.

Phone service in the apartment includes free calls anywhere in the US and Canada.
The entire island of O'ahu is considered a local call. So, don't hesitate to call for restaurant reservations or to make arrangements for a luau or a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center.


Living Room  Entertainment

To tell you the truth, this is my idea of an entertainment center! I enjoy music and this blaster has already entertained me with everything from classical music on the radio to Hawaiian melodies on the CD player to bluegrass on the tape deck. Bring your favorites and create your own mood--or tune around the radio dial and experience something a little different.

Not just in the living room, you’ll find books all over the apartment. There are tour books, guide books, novels set in Hawaii and plenty of other things to read, in Japanese and English. There are stands all over Waikiki offering a variety of visitor information. If you like reading, you'll be right in your element here!

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